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{ Hampi Express }

So recently, I made a post-graduation trip out to India to visit my family. Usually these trips just consist of migrating from house to house eating my weight in food. This time my cousin, Aishu, also had a month of vacation from college. We figured it was the perfect opportunity to see different parts of India.

Originally, we had a grand plan of a weeklong trip from Bangalore to Kerala to Kanyakumari to Pondicherry to Vellore and back. Our dreams were very quickly crushed. Nevertheless, we regained our spirits and came up with a new plan. This time we were to make 3 separate trips, one to Hampi in Karnataka, one to Pondicherry, and one to Goa. Finally with the approval of our extended family, we set off on a night train, Hampi Express, from Bangalore to Hospet.

This was my first time taking a train in India, so my grandfather was extremely worried and followed us to the station. Aishu and me on the other hand had no reservations about this trip. We were remembering Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge and were secretly hoping for some adventures of our own. Since we were traveling during the night, we were in a sleeper train where each cart had little divisions, which had 3 rows of beds on each side. It was basically like a giant sleepover in bunk beds with random strangers.

Once our train finally pulled into Hospet, we were greeted by our driver for the trip, Malli, who conveniently

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{ Save the Dino!!! }

Rapid prototyping is an interesting method of video game development. When used in terms of video games, it means quickly building out basic working versions of games or tools to test out core concepts. For the second project for my video game course, we were required to create 2 rapid prototypes over the span of 2 weeks. At the start, the task seemed very daunting, however, it actually turned out to be fun! It was like hosting my own super short hackathon and then conducting my own playtests for the remainder of the week to polish off the prototype.

Since for project 1 I had worked on a 2D top-down platformer game, I decided to make a 2D vertical platformer game. In this game, the player would be able to move left, right and upwards, rather than just walking around the level. I had to take into account gravity and actually learned a lot about what makes a game fun versus just irritating. I wanted to combine the movement mechanism of flappy bird with the gameplay of a basic platformer game. This combination, while it seemed straight forward, took a lot of testing and tweaking to get a point where the game's mechanics enhanced the gameplay rather than hindering it.

Feel free to try it out and let me know what you think!

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{ Other Random GroupMe bots }

During the process of making the "ThatBrown" groupme bot, I kind of went on a coding spree and build 2 more useless bots for fun. I built a Barney Stinson bot and started on a Yoda bot.

The best part of the barney bot happened after I discovered some APIs that translate strings into "bro-speak" and "yoda speak". When combined the APIs spit out some text translated into Broda-speak that Barney Stinson himself would have been proud to quote.

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{ That Brown Show }

For the last 3 years, I've been a part of the planning committee for an on campus Indian Music and Dance show, That Brown Show. I decided to take advantage of my new skill of making GroupMe bots and make a bot representing the mascot of "That Brown Show." The Kanye bot ended up becoming a little bit annoying with the triggers being too common. So I decided to make the triggers for the ThatBrown bot a little less common. The group had a lot of fun with this bot, especially when someone was late for a meeting and accidentally triggered a Russell Peters quote :)

Here's a link to the code. Once again, as with the kanye bot, make sure to have your code running a web server of some sort.

ThatBrown Bot Triggers:
  "how many days until TBS" or "How many days until TBS": 
      Messages with number of days until TBS Show
  "tbs" or "TBS" or "Tbs" or "Tbreezy" or "tbreezy": 
      Prints #tbreezy2014
  "late" or "almost there" or "Almost there": 
      Prints "Don't be late... or somebody gonna get-a-hurt real bad!"
  "Russel Peters" or "russel peters" or "Russel peters" or "Russell Peters" or "russell peters" or "Russell peters":
      Prints random Russell Peters quotes/jokes
  "Next bus to north" or "next bus to north":
      Prints number of minutes until Bursley Baits reaches CC Little

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{ No one loves Kanye more than Kanye. }

One of the more fun projects I've done has been messing around with GroupMe! One of my coworkers during my summer internship at Workday created a groupme bot named Kanye that would respond to specific triggers. It was absolutely hilarious! I mean who doesn't love Kanye West's self obsession?

If we ever needed reviews of movies, the next BART train leaving the Dublin/Pleasanton into San Francisco, or snarky weather updates, we could just ask Kanye and he'd respond!

The intern group loved it so much, I decided to mess with the interns from my internship the next year at Box. I changed things a little bit targeting the bot towards various different inside jokes from our internship, including a few glorious gifs.

Kanye Bot Triggers:
Prints random kanye self-compliment
Prints "HAAAANH?!" with gif
Most kinds of angry responses:
Sends "You MAD?" gif
Prints weather @ Box HQ
Prints booty
"hey guys":
Sends Kanye approves gif

All that needed to be done to get the bot up and running was to push it onto a server of some sort. I used heroku and linked the groupme callback url to the heroku app link.

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